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The complete cardboard packaging design and print management service that delivers perfect packaging solutions. Got a new product and need killer cardboard packaging? Or are your current printed cartons old and outdated?

Your packaging solution is as important as the product itself. Your packaging design has to attract buyers and convince them they want to buy the product inside. And, your packaging has to safely contain and protect your product.

As every product is different, we don’t have a ‘one size fits all’ approach to cardboard packaging and printed cartons. That’s why we have a complete packaging design and print management service; to guide you through the process from conception to delivery of the finished product.

Our Services Include:


For the best in packaging ideas! Through Pakworld Advice, we uncover everything needed to develop your perfect cardboard packaging solutions.


At our Christchurch office, you’ll see a diverse range of printed cartons and cardboard packaging, guaranteed to get your creative juices flowing and help you understand what’s possible. Believe us when we say – almost anything is possible!


BOX_shutterstock_116801185When it comes to packaging design, there’s a lot to think about including:

  • The shape, weight and size of your product
  • If your product is low-cost or premium
  • Where it will be sold and how it will be shipped
  • The space needed for your branding and product info
  • The statement you want your printed cartons to make about your product
  • How to make your packaging design stand-out from your competitors

It’s about balancing brand and buyer appeal with practical functions such as packaging strength, durability, ease of use, product protection, legal and hygiene requirements and ease of filling, stacking, packing and shipping.


  • Construction looks at how your cardboard packaging will be created.
  • Does your packaging need to be rigid or flexible?
  • What shape should your cardboard packaging be?
  • Do you need multi-sized or multi variations of packaging?
  • Does it need an intricate insert to hold the product in place?
  • What sort of board stock should it be made from?
  • What about sustainable or recycled board – is this important for your brand and market credibility?

From simple printed cartons to the most sophisticated cardboard packaging, we ensure your packaging solutions are created with all your needs in mind.


leaf-trioMore and more consumers are concerned about the effect of packaging on the environment. Investing in printed cartons that are made from recycled paper and printed with environmentally-friendly vegetable inks is a great way to connect with your buyers.

As industry leaders in cleaner, greener cardboard packaging, we can help you develop packaging solutions that are good for the planet, people and profits.


People say print packaging is just about putting ink on folded cartons. But in reality, it’s much more than that.

Giving you a quality printing job every time comes from being extra fussy about every detail including:

Precise colour matching to specified brand colours
Choice of ink and ink management
Specialist skills combined with new and innovative use of technology
Keeping a close eye throughout the whole printing process

We never accept an okay result – only the best job will do!


These are all those specialist finishing techniques that take your cardboard packaging from good to great – cutting, folding, collating, gluing, laminating, embossing, foil stamping and more. Even the simplest carton can become something truly special with the right finishing touches.


We can get your cardboard packaging where it needs to go whether locally, nationally or internationally. Many of our customers are based here in NZ but rely on us to ship their printed cartons around the world. So we know all the insider tricks when it comes efficient packing, storing and distribution and cost-effective freight and delivery.

So what are you waiting for? To get started on your next cardboard packaging project, contact us today.