Sustainability is more than a buzz word. It's great for the planet, people and profits. So if you're concerned about the impact of your packaging on the environment, you've come to the right place.

Cardboard packaging and folded cartons made are some of the most sustainable packaging options available if done right.  We are committed to continuous improvement in reducing our impact on the planet and being a positive participant in our community.


Meeting your sustainability requirements

As industry leaders in cleaner, greener printed cartons and custom boxes, we can help you develop cardboard packaging that reduces your carbon footprint and is better for the environment. Options include:

  • Printing with vegetable oil-based inks instead of petroleum-based inks
  • Sustainable materials such as 100% recycled paper
  • Designing packaging products that are lighter and smaller
  • Creating packaging products that are reusable or multi-use or can be up-cycled
  • Design options that maximise the use of materials, reducing waste and cost
  • Custom-sized cartons that reduce waste and allow for efficient transport of odd-shaped and sized products.

Meeting our sustainability requirements

We don't just talk the talk; we walk it too. Our commitment to a better planet begins with us and how we operate as a business. It is a journey that we began years ago and are constantly looking at ways to improve, including:

  • Using recycled products wherever we can on the factory floor and in the office.
  • Waste minimisation policies and implementation
  • Energy-efficient lighting and continuous monitoring of electricity and water usage
  • Using production methods that reduce transportation requirements