Print and Construction

When you want your product to stand out from the rest, talk to us. We never accept an okay result – only the best job will do!

We use local and imported cardboard from sustainable forests, print and cut it to the correct shape and then glue the sides to create the box, sleeve or whatever you need to present your product to your customers. We can even assist with the layout and graphics to produce the best possible result.


The Right Equipment

We have the machinery, technology and attention to detail and provide:

  • Precise colour matching to specified brand colours
  • Choice of ink and ink management
  • Specialist skills combined with new and innovative use of technology
  • A close eye throughout the whole printing process

Consumers are increasingly interested in knowing the journey of their purchase from paddock to plate, factory to table. If your website has a story that you want to share, we can incorporate your QR code into your packaging, making it easy for your customers to choose your product whilst in-store.


Several finishing techniques will take your cardboard packaging from good to extraordinary, including cutting, folding, collating, glueing, laminating, embossing, and foil stamping. We can do them all.


Production, freight and delivery logistics

Take the hassle out of freight forwarding. We can arrange the delivery of your printed packaging to where it needs to go anywhere in the world.

Many of our customers are based here in NZ but have their product manufactured overseas. They rely on us to ensure their packaging is sent on time and arrives in perfect condition.

We deliver, earning our reputation as the print packaging company you can trust. Because we have been doing this a long time, we have all the insider knowledge when it comes to efficient packing, storing and distribution and cost-effective freight and delivery.