Packaging design

When it comes to packaging design, we don't believe in 'one size fits all'. There's a lot to think about, including:

The shape, weight and size of your product.

Where your product sits in the market, e.g. low-cost or premium.

Where it will be sold, e.g. supermarket,  boutique or online.

Freight and how it will be shipped.

Length of time it will be stored before purchase.

Does your product sweat and require 'wet-strength' packaging?

Amount of space needed for your logo and product info.

Your environmental footprint and accountability.

Do you need multi-sized or multi variations of packaging?

Does your product need an intricate insert to hold it in place?

Keeping your product safe, fresh and hygienic.

Functional, fit for purpose and user-friendly design.


It's about balancing brand and buyer appeal with practical functionality. Consideration has to be given to numerous requirements, including strength, durability and ease of use, product protection, health and safety, food hygiene standards, ease of filling, stacking, packing and shipping.

Our packaging:

  • Protects your goods from heat, humidity, dryness and cold.
  • Meets food hygiene and food safety regulations.
  • Allows space for all the information your customers want to know about your product.
  • Is designed with you and your market in mind.

We partner with you throughout the process, from concept to design through to construction and delivery. So there's no need to liaise with multiple companies; we can do it all in-house and on time.