Consultancy Services

Transforming your packaging ideas from good to great starts with the best packaging advice.

Whether you are developing new packaging or refreshing old packaging, our consultancy service will help you understand all your options.  It all starts with listening to all your packaging ideas and then uncover everything needed to create and deliver the best solution for your products and brands.

Our consultancy service includes:

Box of brightly coloured Macrons


Inside the box

The primary purpose of packaging is to contain something, so we start with a deep understanding of your product to determine your packaging's optimum size, shape, and weight.


Outside the box

How do you want your customers to see your product and brand? Is there a better way to showcase our products and brands?

We'll help you look at your packaging with fresh eyes and find new ways to connect with your customers.

PaKworld team member looking a screen with packaging design on it.


Customised solutions

Cut through the confusion! We'll work with you on everything from packaging design and construction to materials, printing, finishing effects, sustainability, cost savings, storage and logistics.



Understand how to balance buyer appeal with packaging practicalities, including strength, durability, ease of use, method of opening and closing, protection of products, legal and hygiene regulations and ease of stacking, packing and shipping.

PakWorld team member put packaging together
Printed cartons lying flat



Even the simplest carton can become something extraordinary with the right finishing touches. We'll help you uncover your options to take your packaging from good to extraordinary.


Inspiration hub

Visit our inspiration hub at our Christchurch office to see a diverse range of printed cartons and cardboard packaging. Guaranteed to help you understand what's possible!


Let us take charge of your packaging. We make it easy as. Contact us today.