Food Packaging

Great food packaging gets your product off shelves
and onto your buyers’ plates.

As a long term supplier of high quality, sales generating food and retail packaging to the FMCG industry, Pakworld has the technical know-how and creativity to develop perfect food packaging for all your food products.


As most food products have a use by or best before date, your food and retail packaging has to balance shelf appeal with several unique factors. These include:

  • Food protection, hygiene and food safety
  • Food packaging materials that allow for maximum product freshness and hygiene
  • Food packaging materials that can combat cold or damp, hot or dry conditions
  • Shelf life and length of time before your product is consumed
  • Space for important info such as ingredients, nutritional value, cooking/heating instructions and product benefits
  • The length of time your product will be stored before going on display

As every food product is different, we don’t have a ‘one size fits all’ approach to food and retail packaging. That’s why we have a complete packaging and print management service; to guide you through the process from conception to delivery of the finished product.

Ready to get your next food packaging project underway?  Contact us today or go to Pakworld Services  to learn more about how we can help you.